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Session 6 part 2 Climate Change

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Session 6 Part 1 Air Pollution PM O3

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Wood Stoves: Health Concerns

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Excel A: Introduction to Power Query by Importing from Webpage

This very short demonstration shows how to create a query that automatically goes to the EPA AQS air data codes database online, queries their website and filters parameters including just ozone and…

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Excel B: Multiple 5-min Files Cleaned Appended Summarized Charted

This demonstration shows how to use MS Excel Power Query (with a user interface) to go from two excel files of 5 minute data, append the files, remove duplicates, filter AQS-nulled values, and…

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Excel 6 Pivot Chart to Present Data

Continuing to use the minute sensor data, this demonstration is of inserting a pivot chart that can be collapsed and expanded to generate summary statistics by hour, day, month and year.

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Excel 5 Pivot Table for Summary Statistics

Demonstration of how to summarize minute sensor data by average and max, by hour and day, using a pivot table. Caution: check for gaps in your data, which may not be represented clearly in a pivot…

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Excel 4 Fun: Excel Map from Lat Long

This video demonstrates using the same sensor data that has been used in the importing videos, and excel’s ability to understand geographic identifiers and incorporate maps, to generate a map…

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Excel 3 Use Named Ranges as Brain Savers

Very brief demonstration of how to name a range of data (and if this range is in an excel Table it will automatically expand to include more rows), which allows you to refer to that range by name…

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Excel 2 Import Anything Using Power Query

Demonstration of the import of the same sensor data into excel as was demonstrated in the legacy import video, but this import is done using the self-documenting excel power query feature.

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Excel 1 Import Data Using Legacy Wizard

Demonstration of importing sensor minute data (follow along using the raw comma separated values .csv data file attached to this video) into an excel file using the excel legacy wizard. Legacy…

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MultiRAE Pro PID Multi-Gas Meter Demo Video

Page Hingst, Tribal Response Program Manager from the Office of Environmental Protection, Santee Sioux Nation of Nebraska, provides an overview of the MultiRAE Pro PID Multi-gas meter used for safety…

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How to Make a Video - EPA Flag Program in Navajo

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EPA Flag Program in Navajo Language

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TAMS 20th Anniversary video

This video was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the TAMS Center. Speakers include: Camille Quickbear, Chris Lee, Emma Ruppell, Nicklaus Shumake, Farshid Farsi, Ken Merrill, Mike Natchees,…

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NAU President's Remarks for NTFAQ 2022 Opening Session

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