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TSFWG: Climate Vulnerability Assessments (CVA) at Sites on the National Priorities List

In this quarterly meeting of the Tribal Superfund Working Group, we were joined by Carlos Pachon, from the US EPA’s Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI). Carlos…

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Session 6 part 2 Climate Change

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Which is more important: Tribal Sovereignty, Federal Indian Rights, or Indigenous Cultural Resilience? Discussion with James Grijalva, Friedman Professor of Law at UND

Discussion with Friedman Professor of Law, James M. Grijalva November 18, 2022 @ 12:00-2:00PM Northern Arizona University's Native American Cultural Center Since contact with colonial…

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2022 NTICC Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of the 2022 National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference

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Elder-Youth Conversation

Elders: Cora Max Phillips, and Judge Abby Abinanti Youth: Prarthona Datte, Prokriti Datta, Meronda Walker, Sara Sprague, and Rishab Jagetia

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Solaris and Seleste

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Climate Change and Water Resources Active Layer and Water Biogeochemical Heterogeneities within the Yukon River Basin, Speaker: Edda Mutter Dig Deep, Speaker: Emma Robbins Cyanotoxins in Bellingham…

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Air, Health, and Wellbeing

Changing our horizons, changing our air quality, changing your lands changes mine, Speaker: Rosemary Ahtuangaruak An Indigenous Connectedness Framework for Child Wellbeing, Speaker: Jessica Ullrich

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Indigenous Knowledges and Cultural Resources

California Indian Basketweavers Association: Advocating for Basketweavers Across the State, Speaker: Carolyn Smith Following the Smoke II: Partnerships with California Indian Basketweavers and…

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Energy Sovereignty as a Catalyst for Change, Speaker: Bob Blake Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid, Speaker: Jana Ganion Solar Tips from Belize, Speaker: Miriam Caal

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Carbon Sink Demonstration Project at Pauma Tribal Farm, Speaker: Connor Magee Development of Carbon Sequestration Projects on Tribal Lands, Speaker: Bryan Van Stippen Tapping into our roots:…

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Youth and Student Opportunities

Global Change Fellows Program, Speaker: Casey Thornbrugh BIA Pathways Intern Program, Speaker: Alyssa Samoy and program participants UNCI MAKHA TAWOUNSPE WAKITA/Tribal Climate Leaders Program: A…

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Indigenous Knowledges and Cultural Resources

Chumash Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Speaker: Teresa Romero Mapping Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) for use in the NEPA planning process, Speakers: Eugene Goldfarb ft. Mark Junker…

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Increasing Tribal Resilience

The Land and Sea, Speaker: Kenneth Weitzel Australian First Nations, Speaker: D.J. Belton Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group: A Model for Advancing Tribal and Non-Tribal Collaboration,…

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Climate Justice

Indigenous Women and the Impact of Climate Change, Speaker: Karla Brollier Reclaiming Histories & Identities through Media: Tribal Messaging about Climate Change (and Resettlement) Knowledge,…

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Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Aiding Tribal Co-Management of Subsistence Resources in Alaska Through Regulatory Training and Engagement, Speaker: Rachel Fisher Camas to Condors: Climate Smart, Culturally Smart Landscape Level…

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