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Introduction to Meteorological Monitoring 2

Webinar Description: This webinar series will provide tribal professionals basic information on meteorology and meteorological monitoring guidance for in-situ primary meteorological monitoring…

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Introduction to Meteorological Monitoring 1

Thank you for attending the webinar! Please take a few minutes to provide feedback. Feedback will be used to improve future ITEP webinars. Webinar Description:This webinar series will provide tribal…

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PFAS Strategic Roadmap

This presentation was delivered during the Tribal Superfund Working Group Quarterly Meeting in January 2022 to discuss work on PFAS issues. Speakers include: Matt Klasen from US EPA is going to give…

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Quality Review & Exchange System for Tribes (QREST)


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Webinar 2:Introduction to Air Quality Modeling for Permitting Programs

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Webinar 1:Introduction to Air Quality Modeling for Permitting Programs

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Introduction to Building Science

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Session 5.2 Walk through

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Session 5.1 Occupant Interview

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Session 8 - Controlling Indoor Sources

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Designed Ventilation

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Healthy Tribal Schools - ReOpening Tribal Schools and Buildings

Many Kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) tribal schools across the nation do not have good ventilation. This is a longstanding problem with demonstrably negative effects on student learning. We…

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PPE - Overview and Things to Consider

This presentation was delivered as part of the Tribal Lands and Environment Forum: Virtual Gathering in August 2021 by Les Benedict with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe. Les Benedict, Saint Regis…

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Alaska Radon Video

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Purple Air Data Management 7/6/21

Webinar Overview: - What is a Purple Air Sensor - Installation and Connectivity to WiFi - Data download and basic interpretation of data - Correcting time stamp and charting data - Pros and cons…

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Air Quality System Database Basics Webinar 2

This webinar will provide information to tribal professionals on U.S. EPA’s Air Quality System (AQS) database and demonstrate basics of AQS. This database is a computer-based information…

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