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TAMS 20th Anniversary video

This video was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the TAMS Center. Speakers include: Camille Quickbear, Chris Lee, Emma Ruppell, Nicklaus Shumake, Farshid Farsi, Ken Merrill, Mike Natchees,…

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NAU President's Remarks for NTFAQ 2022 Opening Session

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Janet McCabe's Remarks for NTFAQ 2022 Opening Session

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NTFAQ 2022 Highlight Reel

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NTFAQ 2022 Closing Session

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Chat with Pat

Bring your questions for the fan favorite 'Chat with Pat'

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Reducing Radon Exposure in Tribes

This joint presentation by EPA Indoor Environments Division (IED), EPA Regions, and tribal staff will focus on effective approaches and new resources to assist tribes in radon reduction efforts.…

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Meteorological Station Calibrations in the Owens Valley

Calling all weather and gadget geeks! Presenter(s) will take you on a photographic and educational odyssey of our meteorological instrumentation checks, calibrations, and services. Join us to swap…

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Federal and Tribal Methane Regulations

Will utilize a panel comprised of regulators from US EPA, BLM, EDF, and Navajo Nation EPA to discuss federal and tribal methane regulations. Presented by Eric Kills A Hundred, Environmental Defense…

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Mobile Sources Combo Pack: Part 2

EPA Mobile Source Regulatory Update Q/A for the Office of Transportation and Air Quality Presented by Jessie Mroz, OTAQ and Mobile Source Regulatory Leads

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TEOM 1405 Data Acquisition Discrepancies

Thermo Scientific's TEOM 1405 is a Federal Equivalent Method for monitoring ambient PM10 concentrations. The Gila River Indian Community's Air Quality Program has been using three of these…

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Air Pollution in American Indian Versus Non–American Indian Communities, 2000–2018

Our work analyzes total fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and PM2.5 component concentrations over time between American Indian and non-American Indian populated counties. Between 2000 and 2018, total…

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Light absorbing particles (carbon) sampling on the Bishop Paiute Reservation

This presentation will discuss sampling projects investigating combustion related soot pollution, using an Aeth Labs MA200 portable multi-channel aethalometer. We will cover the purpose, sampler…

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Tribal Professional Development Plan for CY2023 and Beyond

This will be an interactive session led by Bill Auberle and Laura McKelvey to present the Tribal Professional Development Plan 2023. Participants will be asked to provide feedback on Tribal Needs,…

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Wildland Fire and Prescribed Burning: The Challenge of Protecting Public Health and Mitigating Devastating Fires and Smoke

The severity, frequency, and geographic impact of wildland fires and smoke are increasing rapidly due to climate change. One tool for mitigation of uncontrolled, intense wildland land fire is…

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Mobile Sources Combo Pack: Part 1

Volkswagen Settlement Summary ReportDiesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Tribal Program Overview & FY22 RFA / Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Clean School Bus Application processPrairie…

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